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Short description: Damn, we are facing bankruptcy! Try to slow down (or stop) the process by purchasing buildings and converting money in safer currencies. Make every turn count!

Objective: last as many turns as possible

Game over: money equal or less than zero.

Controls: mouse & keyboard required

  • Q and E to rotate the map
  • Left mouse button to select buildings and to interact with UI

Detailed description

This is a turn-based management game where your objective is to resist the bankruptcy as many turns as possible. The game is lost when you have no more money.

To slow down the bankruptcy (every turn, you lose a certain amount of money) you can convert money in safer currencies: gold and diamonds (money <=====> gold <=====> diamonds). Gold is always more valuable than money, but its conversion cost has fluctuations at every turn. Instead, diamonds have a fixed conversion cost.
Conversion actions are accessible at the resource panel; it can be opened by pressing the button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

On the map are placed buildings of different types: commercial and residential. Every type of building has a number of citizens, revenue and a maintenance cost. Each of these three parameters has a chance every turn to increase or decrease by a random amount.
A building can be bought and that can be done only once per turn. To buy a building you have to select it with the left mouse button; once it's selected, a scrollable panel will appear on the left of the screen, containing all of the building information and the purchase button at the end of the panel.

What I wanted to do but didn't make in time:

  • place buildings on empty owned terrains
  • upgrade buildings (i.e. low residential to medium residential)
  • influence: buildings can affect the near buildings by increasing/decreasing chances of a change of the parameters. For example, an high residential building could increase the chance of the near low commercial buildings to increase the revenue.


TeamDavaek_Bankruption.zip 101 MB